Susan Jackson

Date: 03/02/2014

Shooter Susan Jackson has a full medal collection having brought home bronze, silver and gold for Team Scotland in three separate Commonwealth Games. She is currently an Athlete Representative for Commonwealth Games Scotland in the lead up to Glasgow 2014.

Few people know what it's like to win a medal in one Commonwealth Games, let alone in three.

But for shooter Susan Jackson, the reality was just that when she secured a medal in each one of the Games she competed in, bringing home bronze, silver and gold for Team Scotland.

She said: "┬ŁThe Commonwealth really is a very special experience and across every Games I've competed in, I've felt that same pride and passion.

"Whilst Melbourne 2006 will probably always be the highlight given it was the Games where I secured gold, the others have special memories too - Kuala Lumpar 1998 for being my first multi-sport event and Manchester 2002 for feeling the extra boost from being close to home. It really is just an exceptional and inspiring event to be part of."

As a keen shooter himself, it was Susan's Dad who first introduced her to the sport at Dunfermline Rifle Club whilst Susan was still a teenager. With her older brother also involved in the sport, sibling rivalry helped motivate Susan and she became a strong competitor for her school shooting team at Dollar Academy and then later as a student at the University of Edinburgh.

Inspired by fellow shooters at the University's graduate club who had come back from the 1994 Commonwealth Games with medals, Susan realised that she too wanted to be part of the action.

Her hard work paid off when she first competed as part of Team Scotland in Kuala Lumpar 1998 followed by Manchester 2002 and finally securing that elusive gold medal in Melbourne 2006.

She said: "It was incredible being able to win bronze in 1998 and then silver in 2002 but as is the case with every athlete, I was always striving to do better and get that gold.

"┬ŁAlthough I had trained since I was a teenager, it was only when I took a sabbatical from my job as an accountant the year before the 2006 Games that I was able to commit full-time to the sport. I really do think this made the difference. I immersed myself in shooting and drove on to gold. It was definitely the extra push I needed and when it paid off, it was just phenomenal."

Susan is now looking forward to Glasgow 2014 and has a key role as an Athlete Representative for Commonwealth Games Scotland. She hopes that Scots make the most of the Games to ensure their lasting legacy is felt across the nation.

She said: "It's fantastic to be part of the Games coming to Scotland and to see the other side of how such a big event is put together. The Commonwealth has been at the centre of my life for so long that I can't wait for people across the country to experience the excitement first-hand.

"We're a very friendly and passionate nation so it's the perfect opportunity to showcase the best we have to offer, as well as for people here to get involved. There is already a structural legacy in place with all the new facilities being built and I hope the Games kickstart a physical activity legacy in us as a nation too. After all, it is seeing someone else achieve a Commonwealth gold that spurred me to go on and win one of my own."