Christine Black

Date: 02/11/2016

Christine Black represented Scotland in the 1986 Commonwealth Games, where she was a mixed doubles bronze badminton medallist. She is now managing the Scotland Badminton team for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

As one of the greatest names in badminton, 1986 Commonwealth Games medallist and seven times Scottish mixed doubles champion, Christine Black has strong connections to the Commonwealth Games as a competitor, team manager and even teenage score keeper.

Based in East Lothian, Christine's first Games experience was at an early age.

Although I had a background in sport, I didn't play my first game until 13 at Peebles Hydro. I recall really enjoying the experience, so I joined St Phillips badminton club where the standard was very high. Much of this experience led me to being score keeper at Meadowbank Courts during the 1970 Games. It was really about being in the right place at the right time.

Following a PE degree and a period at one of Britain's most successful badminton clubs in Kent, Christine was selected to represent Scotland in the 1986 Commonwealth Games, taking place in Edinburgh. She was awarded a bronze doubles medal.

"The selection was very competitive. Having competed in many badminton competitions before, it was very interesting to spend time with athletes from other sports. We often exchanged ideas and training techniques, and much of the training I teach and take part in today stems from what I've picked up from simply being around and getting to know athletes from other sports."

"It was incredible to have won a medal at the Games. The atmosphere was simply amazing. I had never seen Edinburgh so alive with spirit and enthusiasm. I feel the Games really awakened a great atmosphere for supporters and really brought people together."

Since her medal win in 1986, Christine has been involved with every Commonwealth Games. She has previously worked as an assistant coach to Commonwealth badminton champion Dan Travers, as well as Scotland's Badminton team manager in Manchester 2002 and Melbourne 2006.

As the immediate past president of BADMINTONscotland and team manager for two previous Games, Christine just couldn't resist when she was asked to be manager for Glasgow 2014. She hopes her own personal legacy will be to pass on knowledge and experience to Scotland's up and coming players.

"I had resigned from the position for two years and thought that was the end of it, but when the opportunity to be manager at Glasgow 2014 came up, I just couldn't say no! The idea of being team manager on home soil really is something special and I am really proud to have the opportunity."

Today Christine is married to Olympic hammer thrower, Chris Black and works as a badminton development officer. She is also a selector for Scotland's disability team and continues to compete at the highest level of international circuit badminton and supports Scotland's performance squads.

"I think the Games will have a very positive impact. As a nation, I believe the supporting atmosphere will really bring people together and certainly be remembered.