Andy Hunter

Date: 02/11/2016

Swimmer Andy Hunter competed in two Commonwealth Games as part of Team Scotland. At the 2006 Games in Melbourne, he was part of the 4x200m relay team to win silver.

Having brought home silver as part of Scotland’s relay team in Melbourne 2006, swimmer Andy Hunter knows that little compares to the excitement of the Commonwealth Games.

And for Andy who grew up in England but had a Scottish father, there was only one country he wanted to represent on the Commonwealth stage.

He said: “The buzz of competing in the Commonwealth Games is unparalleled and for me, the highlight of my career will always be winning silver in Melbourne. Representing Scotland and standing on that podium not just with team mates but with three of my closest friends was incredibly special. I feel very lucky to have been part of such an amazing moment.”

Despite describing himself as being ‘distinctly average as a kid’, Andy soon found his feet on discovering swimming whilst still at school.

Deciding he wanted to go back to his Scottish roots and pursue his swimming further, Andy enrolled in an accountancy degree at the University of Stirling, also home to the National Swimming Academy in Scotland.

He continued: “To get to Commonwealth level, you have to push yourself and at Stirling I knew I would have the support and drive to make it happen.

“My life there essentially became everything to do with swimming. I dedicated all my time to making my Commonwealth dream happen so when it finally paid off, it really was worth it.

“I was actually one of three Stirling students who came back to Stirling with a medal.– I hope we managed to inspire others training and studying there with a clear message that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it.”

Although Andy has since retired from swimming and moved into the business world, he will be following the Games coming to Scotland with great excitement:

“Scotland hosting the Commonwealth Games is definitely one of the best things to happen to the country – I can’t wait and I know Scots will really get behind the athletes.

“It’s important to remember though that there is more to the Games than just the competition itself. It’s fantastic to see that there are already better grassroot facilities across the country and the investment as a whole is huge for a small nation like ours.

“Edinburgh 1986 is when we last hosted the Games and I hope that by the time the event comes around here again that our athletes have developed their skills even further having been spurred on by the achievements of Glasgow 2014. I think having the Games here will certainly inspire a new generation of young people to realise that so much is possible and a lot of sports like swimming are available right on our doorsteps.”